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The Star and the Crescent

Price: $39.95

Order from the Gamers Front
 Computer Game: Windows
 Genre: Wargame
 Type: Hybrid
 Maximum Players: 2
 Internet play | Scenario creation
 Availability: Download
 Developer: ProSim Company
 Designer: PanClan Game Design

On October 6th, 1973, the Jewish state of Israel was attacked by the coordinated forces of Egypt and Syria, with an additional nine Arab states actively supporting the actions of Egypt and Syria. The launch of the attack came on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur, which the war later became known as.

The Israelis faced overwhelming numbers; in the Golan Heights the Israeli Defense Forces numbered less than two hundred tanks, and yet they faced nearly 1,400 Syrian tanks. Along the Suez nearly 80,000 Egyptian troops attacked IDF troop concentrations that numbered not in the tens of thousand, not even in the thousands, but rather in the hundreds.

Yet against these odds the IDF not only repulsed the Arab onslaught, but took the fight outside their borders and into Egypt and Syria. In response the Soviet Union began to openly resupply these states, and in turn the United States was forced to resupply Israel. What could have very well turned into World War III though ended on October 22nd, with Resolution 338 of the UN Security Council, calling for an immediate end of hostilities.

The Star and the Crescent, from developer ProSIM and designer PanClan Game Design, allows gamers to refight key battles of the Yom Kippur War, using an enhanced version of the ATF engine. In addition to the Yom Kippur War, The Star and the Crescent features battles from '56, '67, and January of '73, along with two future hypothetical battles set in 2009.

Just as each new title in the ATF series builds upon its predecessors, so does The Star and the Crescent. Featuring the most detailed battlefield maps you'll ever play on in a commercial wargame (taken directly from Soviet-era real-world maps of the area), intense close air support interaction and fully realized air defense networks, superbly detailed combat down to the individual vehicle, The Star and the Crescent is a very impressive recreation of the conflicts fought in the Mid-East in the past few decades.

Of course everything you've come to expect from an ATF title is still present. You can play against the highly challenging AI opponent, create your own scenarios, and play against other live opponents. Gameplay remains a tense, edge-of-your-seat real time experience, with ultra-detailed real world weapon platforms, intense damage and training modeling, and deep, rich scenarios. In short, the ultimate real time simulation of modern combat.

The Star and the Crescent, another masterpiece in the only computer wargame series that's so realistic we should probably include a helmet and flak jacket with each copy.

"This is a game made for the target audience and it is made well. The people who were going to buy it will be pleased with their purchase." -- Edward Pollard, eToychest

"I’ve always been a fan of wargames, but I am disappointed by the genre’s lack of acceptance and popularity among the PC game community. Most people find wargames dry, graphically inept, and boring. The Star and the Crescent suffers from none of this. A strong AI, comprehensive manual and unit spec information, along with a large degree of customization all highlight this gem." -- Samurai, The Bovine Conspiracy

"I will give it full credit for being deeply researched and highly detailed in it's structure. It is clear that a lot of work went into this game, and if you are a strategy war game fan, then you will probably love it." --Alex Jeffreys , Strategy Informer

♦  The ultimate commercial level real-time simulation of the modern battlefield. Based on the ATF: Armored Task Force engine, which itself is featured in both Department of Defense and Lockheed-Martin simulations.

♦  Real-time gameplay recreates the intensity of the battlefield, without sacrificing realism.

♦  Uses all the previous advancements to the ATF engine,

♦  A tanker's dream. The Arab-Israeli conflicts were known for their heavy use of tanks, and with The Star and the Crescent the main battle tank is once again king of the battle.

♦  Fully modeled close air support and air defense. Airpower used in the right time and place can turn the tide of any battle. Make sure to protect your forces with the extensive array of air defense options available.

♦  Multiple radar types, from airborne to shipborne, take part in the action.

♦  Play on real topographical maps of the conflict regions. Based on Soviet-era maps, these are highly detailed and can either be used as an enhanced color version of the map or as the actual military map.

♦  Individual buildings and other structures, such as bunkers, can be present on a map. These individual structures are full entities, blocking LOS, movement, and providing defensive benefits.

♦  The bursting direct fire munitions model, such as air dropped bombs and direct lay mortars, has been redone for greater effect.

♦  Fifteen total scenarios, ranging from pre-Yom Kippur War battles, to the Yom Kippur War (the highlight of the game), to future hypothetical conflicts. While the focus is on the player controlling the IDF certain scenarios allow either the Arab or Israeli side to be controlled.

♦  Highly informative database of weapon platforms found in the game, with full statistics.

♦  Thick, easily readable manual.

♦  Play against the AI, or other human opponents.

♦  Create your own scenarios or modify the included ones.

♦  Excellent community support, including online how-to guides and new scenarios.

♦  Full backwards compatibility with all previous ATF titles!

So realistic we should probably include a helmet and flak jacket.

"...the real selling point here is the scenario design."
--Computer Games Magazine

"Players who want to learn instead of clicking here and there then watching sprites jump around will gain insight into how field officers plan and fight war is the modern era. The work involved is well worth the effort." --Jim Cobb, Strategy Zone Online

"...it’s a very realistic simulation with all the bells and whistles a hard-core old-school war gamer could want."
--Gaming Nexus

"This is videogames at the graduate level."

"You'll want to read the manual, the detail is awesome!"

Operating systems:
♦  Windows

General minimum requirements:
♦  Pentium II 300 MHz
♦  32 MB RAM
♦  Minimum 350 MB hard drive space required
♦  Windows 95 thru Windows 8
♦  Windows compatible sound card

This demo includes two scenarios: Chinese Farm from the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and Jenin, from 1967's six-day war.

Windows Demo: 47.4 MB Download

We hope you enjoy your The Star and the Crescent demo experience. Please contact customer service if you have any problems with the demo.

The Star and the Crescent Upgrade Patch (v1.33):

Windows v.1.33: 4.15 MB Download

View Patch History

Please contact customer service if you have any problems with the patch.

Fix for Windows 10 Content Creator update:
There is a problem with the new Windows 10 content creator update. The update makes an unpublished change to DirectX that breaks games that use the Armored Task Force engine.

Luckily, the solution is very simple. Users just need to copy the attached file into the folder to which they installed Armored Task Force (or any of the other ATF Engine games). Depending on where the user installed the program, this might require administrator privileges. The attached file should be in the same directory as the file "ATF.exe." Then simply start the game normally, using any of the shortcuts installed with the game (on the desktop or in the program folder of the Start menu). The game will run fine.

This fix is ONLY needed for computers with Windows 10 Content Creator update installed. Other operating systems do not need (and should not use) this fix.

dplayx.dll: 213 KB Download

Please contact customer service if you have any problems with the fix.

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