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The Falklands War: 1982

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Price: $19.95

Order from the Gamers Front
 Computer Game: Windows
 Genre: Wargame
 Type: Hybrid
 Maximum Players: 2
 Internet play | Scenario creation
 Availability: Download only
 Developer: ProSim Company
 Designer: Patrick Proctor

One of the most hyper realistic wargames available, BCT Commander is a real time strategy game that examines the complexities of fighting on the modern battlefield. Developed by Patrick Proctor and his team at ProSim, BCT Commander is real enough to be in use as a senior commander training tool for armies around the world. If you've ever bemoaned the lack of realism found in most wargames here's your chance to step up to the plate and see how well you would do in command.

BCT Commander is more than a wargame though, it's a complete simulation of land warfare. And what exactly does that mean? The easiest definition is that a simulation attempts to create an accurate interpretation of reality without regard to balance issues, while a game strives for balance more than realism. In BCT Commander units behave like they do in real life. You won't find perfectly balanced sides, nor will you find many conventions you're used to in gaming. For example, ordering a unit to start moving won't see it hitting warp five out of the gate. In real life military units don't do 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, unlike your typical RTS game.

This may seem daunting at first but the rewards gained are immense. Anyone can do a tank rush, but can they mount a three pronged coordinated attack on a heavily entrenched enemy position? BCT Commander is a real time strategy game that requires more brainpower than fingerpower. Victors will emerge not from knowing how to hit the hotkeys fastest, but knowing what your forces are capable of and what the enemy can do to those forces.

Speaking of real time, it should be noted that real time in BCT Commander truly means real time. One second of gameplay is the equivalent of one second of real world time. What this means to the player is that he can expect true to life reload times, artillery barrages that don't arrive instantaneously, troops that take time to mount and dismount, and much more. In short, BCT Commander's use of real time is more than just a gimmick, it's an important facet of the simulation aspect.

BCT Commander includes the original Brigade Combat Team, both expansion CDs, and the construction set for creating your own scenarios, all on one CD! Saddle up and see what it's like to take command of a modern military unit with BCT Commander!


"BCT Commander is a title worthy of serious consideration by any die-hard wargamer looking to add to his library, or anyone interested in a more modern era of wargaming." --Wargamer.com

"BCT Commander is in many ways an outstanding product that delivers exactly what it claims to--it's a rigorous, realistic simulation of what it's like to command a brigade of combined-arms troops in modern warfare." --Gamespot

"The AI is solid and challenging as well. Every scenario played has included at least three enemy courses of action and all are damn tough to win against. Committing your forces piecemeal, improper positioning, and misuse of artillery are all punished heavily by the game's computer opponent." --Michael K. Robel, Computer Games Online

♦  Commercial, military grade training simulation that is really in use around the globe by various militaries. To play something more realistic you'd need Top Secret clearance!

♦  Large scale tactical modern combat, brigade/regimental in size, with maps measuring up to 50 km by 50 km. Scenarios take place around the world, with Cuba, Russia, North Korea, Iraq, and the United States National Training Center in California represented.

♦  Pausable real time gameplay allows commanders to evaluate the big picture and issue orders while the game is paused.

♦  Real time is not just a phrase, with BCT Commander real time means real time. Units react according to the length of time it would take to react in the real world.

♦  Twelve brand new scenarios in addition to the classic Brigade Combat Team and expansion scenarios. The construction set allows for the creation of more scenarios.

♦  Realistic full color military style maps that allow for several zoom levels. Grid lines, elevation, phase lines, and terrain features are all represented.

♦  Units can either be displayed as standard military icons or more stylized graphical depictions.

♦  All the major modern AFVs from American and Russian arsenals, plus numerous other unit types like field artillery and aircraft. Play as either side.

♦  Play against live opponents over the modem, serial port connection, or IPX and TCP/IP. Integrated BCT: Arena software acts as a ubermatchmaker service. Besides allowing you to easily find other opponents the Arena software tracks your battle record and allows you to observe games in progress.

♦  A hefty, yet highly readable, electronic manual accompanies BCT Commander, along with online and Web help. While BCT Commander is a complex game thanks to the manual you'll quickly earn your stripes.

♦  Highly realistic, highly fun, what more could you want?

"This sim quite realistically, portrays the role of the Battalion/Brigade Commander in a combat situation, what he get is a map, his units, his wits, and a small amount of luck, how he combines them, moves them, strikes at the enemy with them, will decide whether he is victorious in battle or not. Now you to can live that role in real time play with BCT Commander. I liked it, not a flashy game, it wasn't supposed to be. If you want something that is going to make you think and plan, then this is it, just be prepared to look up from your screen to find that it's been hours since you sat down to play, you missed dinner, and your girfriend/wife has gone off to bed without you, but then that's the sacrifice you have to make to be a COMMANDER! Ovaldog gives BCT Commander a big two thumbs up! If your Hard-core, go get it!" --Ovaldog, Game Zone

"BCT Commander is based on the US governments Battalion/Brigade level tactical simulator, JANUS, which is used to train senior commanders battlefield tactics, and was designed by an Army Officer tired of all the kiddy war simulators out there."

Operating systems:
♦  Windows

General minimum requirements:
♦  Pentium II 133 MHz
♦  16 MB RAM
♦  Minimum 30 MB HD space (more for Expansions)
♦  Windows 95 thru Windows 8
♦  Windows compatible sound card

BCT Commander Demo: this is a limited version of the game. The Demo includes a fully functional version of the game and two short scenarios set in Death Valley, California. The Demo Scenarios contain no ammunition re-supply and only basic unit types.

Windows Demo: 3.7 MB Download

Expansion Pack 1 Demo:

Windows Demo: 599 KB Download

Expansion Pack 2 Demo:

Windows Demo: 1.5 MB Download

Instructions for Expansion Pack Demo Installs:

1. Decompress the downloaded file. You will need a PKZip compatible decompression program. Unpack all of the files (3 files) to the same directory.

2. Execute setup.exe. Choose 'Run' from the Windows 95/98/NT 'Start' menu and select 'setup.exe' from the directory you expanded the file into.

3. Install the demo. Once you start the setup program YOU MUST INSTALL THE DEMO TO THE SAME DIRECTORY YOU INSTALLED BCT: BRIGADE COMBAT TEAM. The install program will not figure this out for you. You can find this folder by using Windows Explorer 'Find' function to find the file 'BCT95.EXE'. The folder containing the file is the one you want to install the demo to. Follow the instructions in the setup program to complete the demo process.

4. Verify the installation. Run BCT: Brigade Combat Team 95 by choosing it from the 'Start' menu. Choose 'Start a New Game' from the beginning menu. A scenario called E1_DVDEF (for XDemo 1) or E2_ATT1 (for XDemo 2) should now appear in your scenario list. If it doesn't, you probably installed the patch to the wrong directory. Repeat the procedure starting with step 2.

We hope you enjoy your BCT Commander demo experience. Please contact customer service if you have any problems with the demo.

Everything on one CD!

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