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Approaching Infinty

Price: $39.95

Order from the Gamers Front
 Computer Game: Windows | Mac
 Genre: Rogue-like Space Adventure
 Type: Turn-based
 Maximum Players: 1
 Availability: Safe Box | Download
 Developer: Ibology
 Designer: Bob Saunders

Kirk. Solo. Reynolds. All famous starship captains, and now your name can be added to the list!

Approaching Infinity is a science fiction rogue-like game of infinite intergalactic exploration and adventure. It is a game of stellar exploration, planetary investigation, starship battles, diplomacy, crafting, commodity trading, and much, much more, all set in a totally procedurally generated infinite universe. In layman's terms this means that with each game an entirely new universe is created, allowing for unlimited replayability.

While rogue-like games are not true role-playing games they do focus on a player generated character, and in Approaching Infinity that character is the starship captain and his (or her) starship. Each starship has its initial strengths and weaknesses, but are upgradable with new and superior components as the captain's career unfolds. Of course no captain ever got to where they were without their Scotty to squeeze out a few more warp factors or Jayne to control planetside disagreements. As the game progresses officers with special skills can join your crew, each contributing to the successes of your adventures. And if they're not contributing there are ways to deal with a bad crew, from firing to letting them lead an away team on a lava world polluted with poison gas and hostile critters.

Approaching Infinity allows the universe to be your sandbox. Explorer, pirate, mercenary, trader, or perhaps a mixture, the where and why of your adventures is entirely up to the player. There are multiple victory conditions that allow a hard win, but there is also simply the sense of satisfaction of your own five year trek across the stars. Create your own self-imposed quests or discover the 140+ custom quests. And in Approaching Infinity the stars truly are infinite: there are no level caps, no limit to the number of maps. To keep it challenging though the further you go the more dangerous the encounters.

Approaching Infinity's universe is not only vast but it is filled with excitement. Discover the wonders of space, from new planets to nebula to radiation belts. Encounter twelve alien races, each with their own agendas and quests. Become a trader and buy low and sell high. Send Away Teams on missions, both planetside and amongst space wrecks adrift in the cosmos. See new worlds and kill new life forms. Battle monsters, alien spacecraft, and even disease. Mine asteroids, loot ancient star temples for mysterious artifacts, and craft new items from the assembly of old items.

Gameplay is highly approachable, with Approaching Infinity taking on the tropes of what makes a "classic" rogue-like game while infusing the game with a modern, player focused commitment. Beautiful retro-visuals provided by David Gervais (known for his various rogue-like tilesets, along with other science-fiction titles), and immersive music by Nathan Becker aka 'ectogemia', transport players into Approaching Infinity's realm. Control can be mouse or keyboard. An intelligent interaction system allows players to focus on gameplay and not a multitude of commands.

Approaching Infinity's nods to classic rogue-like play includes permadeath, procedurally generated environments (with over thirty different generation algorithms), random creatures, items, and quests. Artifacts must be identified and there is a ticking oxygen clock for away missions. Yet, thanks to the ability to turn permadeath off, the ease of play, helpful tooltips, and more, this is a player's rogue-like game; a game of endless adventure, a game of 'one more turn'.

Ultimately, Approaching Infinity is about your story amongst the inky darkness of a bejeweled galaxy. Tell it the way you want it told. Be the gruff but lovable space pirate, the alpha leader who personally puts him or herself in danger, the wide eyed explorer who simply wants to absorb the beauty of creation. And when that story is over, start it all over and discover a brand new universe.

Approaching Infinity, the absolute joy of sci-fi adventure on your computer.

"...the gameplay is both fun and unlimited, and just as likely to be as fun today as it will be ten years from now."

GAMEPLAY 4.5 out of 5 gems
GRAPHICS 2.5 out of 5 gems
AUDIO 3.5 out of 4 gems
VALUE 4 out of 4 gems
FUN 4.5 out of 5 gems

"For those who love to explore, Approaching Infinity is quite a game. There are an unlimited number of little nooks and crannies in the universe each time, and they are often filled with artifacts and items. You never know what you might find on forbidden planets or drifting in dark shipwrecks waiting to be discovered. Some of those artifacts are humorous, like little messages left by those who apparently went before. Some of it is in code or has unknown properties, leaving you to decipher its meaning and function. And some of what you find is just primo gear that can give your little ship a serious edge in the struggle for survival."

-- John Breeden II, GiN - Game Industry News

View the Version 1.2 Video by John Breeded II

♦  Single-player, addictive turn based rogue-like gameplay in a unique sci-fi universe. "I promise, one more turn and I'm coming to bed, hon..." Oh, you liar, you.

♦  Available for both Windows and Mac.

♦  Designed for both casual and experienced players of the rogue-like genre. Tool tips, contextual commands, tutorial, and a sensible UI all help to make Approaching Infinity highly accessible.

♦  Permadeath (one life per game) is optional.

♦  Multiple difficulty levels.

♦  Procedurally generated environments. Explore planets, derelict vessels, temples, space stations, ruined cities, and alien embassies.

♦  Enjoy both randomly generated and hand crafted quests, along with various victory conditions of differing difficulties.

♦  Truly infinite play! No level caps, no end to the maps. Play forever.

♦  Encounter over 70+ devices, 50+ skills, 98+ effects, and 99+ monsters.

♦  Hire officers that can level up and acquire new skills.

♦  Create Away Teams, but be warned, if the captain goes down and dies a horrible (or even a pleasant) death, it's game over. The captain can't always sit it out in his chair though, as sometimes only the captain can solve the encounter.

♦  A nifty "pay it forward" mechanic. Spend current game currency to invest in future games!

♦  Full modding support, including a separate modding manual. Violate intellectual property laws with new visuals, names, quests, and more, no coding needed.

♦  Robust achievement system! Earn achievements that give real rewards in the form of additional "pay it forward" credits. Available only in permadeath and non-modded modes.

♦  Games should be fun and Approaching Infinity has a wry sense of humor, along with plenty of references to your favorite sci-fi properties.

♦  Infinite stories, infinite enjoyment.

Three modes of Play: Campaign, Survival, Custom Match

"A good part of the game is deciding what risks are worth taking, and there are lots and lots of risks...

But if you know what you're getting into with this type of game, Approaching Infinity is a landmark for the genre, and well worth the investment."

-- Doom, TeamPlayerGaming

"The key to Approaching Infinity's success is its combination of simplicity and surprising depth...

As I ventured farther out I started to find yet more things I'd never seen before. Flooded caverns, which require specialized equipment to explore. Giant space-borne creatures that weave webs or otherwise alter the layout of the sector. Even entirely new alien races, who I knew very little about."

-- Waltorious Writes About Games

"There is alot of gameplay here....

I am really digging it...

It is fun. It is definitely worth your time."

-- Brian Rubin, Space Game Junkie Video Review

Operating systems:
♦  Windows
♦  Mac OSX

Windows minimum Requirements:
♦  Windows Vista or Higher
♦  2.0 GHz or equivalent CPU
♦  512 MB RAM
♦  1024x768 or better screen resolution
♦  Minimum 250 MB hard drive space required
♦  Windows compatible sound card
♦  DirectX version 9.0 or Higher

Mac OSX minimum Requirements:
♦  Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later
♦  2.0 GHz or equivalent CPU
♦  512 MB RAM
♦  1024x768 or better screen resolution
♦  Minimum 250 MB hard drive space required
♦  16 Bit Sound Card Optional

There are two demos, one each for the Windows and Mac platforms. Enjoy!

Windows Demo: 23 MB Download
Mac OS X Demo: 25 MB Download

We hope you enjoy your Approaching Infinity demo experience. Please contact customer service if you have any problems with the demo.

Watch the Video

Approaching Infinity Update Patch (v1.30):

Please Note: This patch is compatible with existing saved games. This patch can be installed with either the v1.0, v1.10, or v1.20 installations.

Windows v.1.30: 22.8 MB Download
Mac OSX v.1.30: 22.0 MB Download

View Patch History

Approaching Infinity Modding Guide v1.0

The official guide to modding Approaching Infinity

PDF: 213 KB Download

Shipwreck Editor

Design Devious Deathtraps or Tantalizing Treasure Troves! Please see the Modding Guide (above) for information on the Shipwreck Editor.

ZIP: 2.12 MB Download

Please contact customer service if you have any problems with these files.

From a Fan

"...Approaching Infinity is pure unadulterated digital crack! I love roguelikes but there is something truly special about Approaching Infinity. Part of it is that you've captured the supremely addictive nature of classics such as Starflight and Star Control. But also, I really like the fact that the game is never unfair as some cheap roguelikes tend to be. If you die in Approaching Infinity it is your fault and not some shoddy mechanic built into the game to kill just to be sadistic. Make no mistake, the game is no walk in the proverbial park. It's tough and it wants to punch my face in numerous and creative ways.

Also your game is a - pardon the pun - stellar example of the fact that one does not need the flashiest DX12 3D graphics stuff for player immersion. As I am playing I feel drawn into this murderous and wondrous universe. That's something quite hard to accomplish and my space helmet is tipped to you. Approaching Infinity is simply an elegant experience that I will be playing for MANY years." -- Joe C.

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